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Interested in the technology underpinning this ICO?

Are you planning an ICO for a project you're involved in? We're very proud of the platform we've developed for this ICO, and are interested in hearing pitches from projects who may want to use it for their own project.

Potentially we can help you on a number of levels;

  • ICO Software
  • Marketing and community management
  • Digital asset creation
  • Escrow / best practice advice

The resources required and costs of setup will vary enourmously, but an indicative figure of 10BTC is useful as a ballpark. Please complete some details below if you'd like to start a conversation

MobileGo Crowdsale Closed!

Thank you to all of you who participated in this record breaking fundraiser!

We are now in the process of auditing all fund deposits and preparing for distribution. Over the next few weeks you will receive email notifications on what to do to receive your MobileGo Tokens. You will also receive information about your total Incent Token bonus and how to claim it.

In addition, announcements regarding trading exchanges and project developments will also be coming over the next few weeks.

Thank you again for being a part of MobileGo!

Actual distribution will occur approximately 1 week after the crowdsale is over, but not later than 30 days after it's over. The date will be announced additionally.

You can receive Ethereum-based token, Waves-based token or both. In case you input both addresses - your investment will be split in 2 equal parts and you will get it on both platforms (equal amounts).

Ethereum address
Waves address

Every MobileGo supporter gets a bonus in Incent equal to 0.5% of the invested amount. In order to claim the bonus please enter the address below. That can be a Waves client based address or an exchange address.

  • Your Bitcoin investment history

    Date BTC Amount Transaction Details
  • Your Eth investment history

    Date Eth Amount Transaction Details
  • Your Game investment history

    Date GameCredits Amount Transaction Details
  • Your Waves investment history

    Date Waves Amount Transaction Details
  • Your Ant investment history

    Date ANT Amount Transaction Details

Using Bittrex and the Waves Lite Client to participate in the MobileGo Crowdsale

Bittrex is a popular exchange for acquiring Waves, however to participate in the MobileGo Crowdsale you are required to use a Waves address which you have full control over. Typically this means moving any Bittrex funds over to the Waves Lite Client prior to making your deposit with us.

Many users have had problems transferring their Waves out of Bittrex and into their Waves Lite Client. Please follow the simple step below if you are having problems.

To transfer Waves smoothly from your Bittrex acccount to a Waves Lite Client, please try removing the first two characters, '1W', from your Waves Lite Client address.

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